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The Book Of The Year – NO SUCH THING AS A FISH

I could just say this is the best book ever buy it! and leave it there but I have some room to fill so I’ll explain why.  I stumbled upon these guys randomly when I was trying to find other podcasts to listen that wasn’t CRM related. If you’ve ever watched QI the tv then you’ll instantly fall in love with this podcast.They are recorded and produced by four of the QI elves.

I discovering this podcast a few months ago and have been extremely hooked, going back to listen to a number of the previous episodes as well as seeing them live a couple of days ago. Every week their podcast feature 4 random facts usually happening in the last couple days, they then discuss these whilst also adding lots of little nuggets of information. I was even surprised to hear Corey Taylor , the lead singer and frontman of Slipknot as a guest once on the show.

You can listen to one of their podcasts below, recorded in Nottingham with facts about the area even I didn’t know. If you are curious about the actual name of the podcast check out this snippet from a QI episode. There actually is no such thing as a fish!

In their book you’ll find out about some of the weird and wonderful things that happened this year such as;

A brewery in Nottingham failed to organise a piss-up in itself. ( Which apparently is not ironic???)

Donald Trump spent more days golfing in his first 100 days as president than professional  golfer Rory Mcllroy

The battle of giant robots was held up by health and safety concerns

So if you are looking for a great, easy christmas present for pretty much anyone or you can just buy it for someone steal it and read it yourself, definitely give this book a go . Its only £6 on Amazon.

Dont be like billy, you’ll be silly not to get this book! Sorry I couldn’t think of anything better.


Charles Osei

Dynamics 365 Consultant @ Hitachi MCSE Business Applications Computer Science – University of Lincoln 2017 Nottingham D365/CRM user group Chapter Leader TDG – Community leader Twitter @charlied3v LinedIn

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