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PowerChat-Azure Function Chat App



Charles Osei

Dynamics 365 Consultant @ Hitachi MCSE Business Applications Computer Science – University of Lincoln 2017 Nottingham D365/CRM user group Chapter Leader TDG – Community leader Twitter @charlied3v LinedIn

8 thoughts to “PowerChat-Azure Function Chat App”

    1. Hi Artour, which part specifically would you like help with? All the different bits are available for download too 🙂

  1. Hi Charles! That is a nice piece there, but what if you have another recurrent flow that refreshes every 10 seconds to return messages rather than hit the refresh button manually or send a message to be able to have new ones?

    1. Hi Morrah,
      Yeah, there is actually a timer in the powerapp that gets new messages every 20 seconds.. But the recurrent flow could work too if you were getting the messages and storing it locally for the app to read. 🙂

  2. Hi Charles, this looks great, thank you so much for sharing! I was wondering though as I do not have much SQL experience if it would be possible to get some help on how you get up the DB and the naming conventions used please?

    1. Hey DATORAINTERN01 sure ofcourse but i would actually recommend that rather than using a sql database, you could use CDS rather and store your messages in an entity rather, which will be much easier

      1. Thank you so much for replying back to me! I really appreciate that! I have gotten some help and have managed to get a the SQL DB and am able to send test messages with Postman. However the FLOW (FLPowerChatApiCall) between the PowerApps and Azure is not connected and I not sure how to fix this?

        1. Hey Dator, sorry i missed this message, have you figured it out yet? im happy to setup a Teams call and we can figure it out

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