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PowerApps CDS Uploading and Viewing Images

Code Function snippets used

Concatenate("data:" ,ThisItem.mimetype,";base64, ",ThisItem.documentbody)

"<div> <img src=’data:image/png;base64, {b64 here}}’ /> <h1>John Doe</h1> <p class=’title’>CEO & Founder, Example</p>


"<div> <img src=’data:image/png;base64, "& vFirstImage.Document &"’ /> <h1>" & Text( Concatenate(gRegs.Selected.Firstname," ",gRegs.Selected.Lastname) &"</h1> <p class=’title’>"& Concatenate("Job ",gRegs.Selected.Jobtitle)& "</p>


Charles Osei

Dynamics 365 Consultant @ Hitachi MCSE Business Applications Computer Science – University of Lincoln 2017 Nottingham D365/CRM user group Chapter Leader TDG – Community leader Twitter @charlied3v LinedIn

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