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Predictive Modelling With R for Data Science

Data Programming Tools

For this project R will be used as the core programming tool using R Studio as the IDE. R is a statistical programing language based on the S programming language. R was initially released in 1995 by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at the University of Auckland New Zealand. According to (Piatetsky, 2015) R is the most widely used tool for predictive modelling with 38% share of users compared to the next competitor RapidMinder with only 31% in 2014. R is used in a variety of areas such as for data mining and data analysis. R has a wide of range of tools available that can be used to create this solution.

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Bike Rental Prediction – Azure Machine Learning Studio


Assignment Brief

The objective of this assignment is to analyse a dataset concerning bike rentals. The dataset is based on the real data from Capital Bikeshare company that maintains a bike rental network in Washington DC. The dataset has one row for each hour of each day in 2011 and 2012, for a total of 17,379 rows. It contains features of the day (workday, holiday) as well as weather parameters such as temperature and humidity. The range of hourly bike rentals is from 1 to 977. The bike usage is stored in the field ‘cnt’. Our task is to develop a prediction model for the number of bike rentals such that Capital Bikeshare can predict the bike usage in advance

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