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Automate your bank – Monzo API with Microsoft Flow

In this guide we will create an HTTP endpoint using flow , which Monzo will call every time a new transaction occurs in our account. I will also provide a few examples as to what you can do with the data provided to us from Monzo but the possibilities are pretty much endless with Flow. Although this is aimed at Monzo account users, this same principles can be applied to any other service that allows you to create webhooks!

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Predictive Modelling With R for Data Science

Data Programming Tools

For this project R will be used as the core programming tool using R Studio as the IDE. R is a statistical programing language based on the S programming language. R was initially released in 1995 by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at the University of Auckland New Zealand. According to (Piatetsky, 2015) R is the most widely used tool for predictive modelling with 38% share of users compared to the next competitor RapidMinder with only 31% in 2014. R is used in a variety of areas such as for data mining and data analysis. R has a wide of range of tools available that can be used to create this solution.

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