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Bike Rental Prediction – Azure Machine Learning Studio


Assignment Brief

The objective of this assignment is to analyse a dataset concerning bike rentals. The dataset is based on the real data from Capital Bikeshare company that maintains a bike rental network in Washington DC. The dataset has one row for each hour of each day in 2011 and 2012, for a total of 17,379 rows. It contains features of the day (workday, holiday) as well as weather parameters such as temperature and humidity. The range of hourly bike rentals is from 1 to 977. The bike usage is stored in the field ‘cnt’. Our task is to develop a prediction model for the number of bike rentals such that Capital Bikeshare can predict the bike usage in advance

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The Book Of The Year – NO SUCH THING AS A FISH

I could just say this is the best book ever buy it! and leave it there but I have some room to fill so I’ll explain why.  I stumbled upon these guys randomly when I was trying to find other podcasts to listen that wasn’t CRM related. If you’ve ever watched QI the tv then you’ll instantly fall in love with this podcast.They are recorded and produced by four of the QI elves.

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